Steven Watts

Steven Watts,

"I had a fantastic trainer! I found it effortless to learn new material as their style made it easy to understand and apply. In particular I found their use of flipcharts and diagrams very helpful for bringing the material to life. I can't rate FOX highly enough and will definitely be recommending them to friends and colleagues in the future."

Ronald Black

Ronald Black, Website

"Great course! I must say that from my initial contact about the courses to actually attending the training course I found FOX Training Academy to be very helpful, friendly and professional. Thanks!"

John O’Reiley

John O’Reiley,

Overall, a great all-round service. The service, organisation and overall presentation of the venue were fantastic. The trainer was excellent; they managed to cover all the material in great detail, answered all questions with great diligence, and kept everyone alert and engaged. I would definitely recommend FTA to anyone aspiring to do this course or something similar.

Tony Wilde

Tony Wilde,

I have now completed my 3rd course with FT Academy and I have to say that all of your tutors have been first class. I plan to attend more in the near future.

Kelly Mitcham

Kelly Mitcham,

A well constructed course with excellent course materials which were methodical and well structured. The Trainer was superb and extremely engaging, providing some excellent insight and industry knowledge, aiding in understanding of the syllabus.

Mohin Ali

Mohin Ali,

The trainer’s method made the course content very easy to understand and remember. The trainer managed to get the class to interact using their own presentation style and also using the game that the trainer had created. The learning process was a lot of fun. I will be recommending FOX and the trainer to all the people I know who are interested. I will also be interested in doing the other courses with YOU. Thanks a lot to FOX….for making me think outside the BOX!

Juanita Williams

Juanita Williams,

The instructor (Rashid) was absolutely great, he made a lot of sense and was very entertaining and helpful.


Wesley Paxton,

Spot on! I love the candid and to the point approach, loved the real life examples.


Apurva Patel,

FTA….all the way! I recommend these guys to everyone and anyone who wants to get into a serious career with serious responsibilities and wants to SERIOUSLY LEARN and then EARN!