1. Q: What are the training prices for SIA Door Supervision (DS) / CCTV Operator?


A: The price for SIA DS course is £200 and CCTV Operator course is £180

2. . Q: Are the prices negotiable?


A: No, however if you book in advance ‘online’ you will get a £20 discount

3. Q: What documents would I need to provide?


A: 1 x Proof of ID = Passport or drivers licence (something with your photo, name and date of birth).
2 x Proof of address = Bank statement and utility bill.
Proof of NI no = NI Card / copy, letter from DWP/Jobcentre.
2 x Passport sized photographs

4. Q: How long is the course?


A: SIA DS training is over 4 days. 3 days of teaching followed by multiple exams on the 4th day. CCTV? Is also run over 4 days which is also assessed on the 4th day

5. Q: Is the course flexible in terms of the days I can attend?


A: Yes (once you’ve registered with us, you can choose any of the sessions based on your availability)

6. Q: What are the course times?


A: Day classes: 12 -5pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Evening classes: 5.30pm-9pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Weekend Classes: 12 -5pm (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

7. Q: Where would the training sessions be held?


A: the training will take place at Fox Training Academy’s head office in Whitechapel (East London), or any one of our other sites throughout London and the UK. Of course, for groups of 10 or more we can deliver the training at your own venue.

8. Q: What happens if I happen to fail any of the units?


A:You will be asked to re-sit the unit you failed on

9. Q: Will I have to pay for my re-sit?


A: If you take up our special guaranteed pass at £250, we will pay for all subsequent re-sits until you pass. Otherwise a normal re-sit charge is £75.00

10. Q: Can I ask for help in the exam if I don’t understand a question?


A: We have multilingual trainers and assessors who can help you understand the taught subject, however during exams we cannot assist in any way.

11. Q: Would a conviction affect me doing the course or applying for a license?


A: Generally, an appeal can be made against decisions for non issuance of licenses due to convictions; however it all depends on the nature of the offence, when you were convicted etc. It is best to speak to one of our trained staff member in the Admissions Team on 0203 142 5164.

12. Q: How long does it take to receive the certificate?


A: Results are received instantly (for online exams), paper exams take 7 days for the results to arrive and 2-3weeks for the certificate to arrive.

13. Q: How long does the licensing process take?


A: Depending on whether you are a British Citizen (UK passport holder) or overseas, it can take anything between 3-8weeks.

14. Q: Will Fox help with the license application?


A: Yes, we can help check the form, although you would have to complete it yourself. If you wish for us to complete the form and counter sign it, FOX charges £50.00 for that service.

15. Q: Can I make part payment?


A: Yes, but you need to clear the full balance before the start of your course.

16. Q: Will I get advance notice of course availability dates?


A: Yes, generally our course dates are published 2-3 months in advance, please refer to the website.

17. Q: What if my English is very poor?


A: Because these are Level II qualifications by attending the course you will improve your English to a general level and all our tutors and assessors are multi-lingual and can speak more than one language. There are no formal entry level requirements on this course.

18. Q: Once I’ve done the course what will happen next?


A: Once the results come through FOX will let you know and once your certificates arrive, we will inform you to come in and collect them, all this will take approximately 28 days.

19. Q: Will Fox help me in finding a job?


A: From time to time, FOX manages recruitment campaigns on behalf of its Employer partners. When we do, FOX always gives priority to its own students!